Conference Venue

International Cultural Centre (ICC)
25, Main Square, Krakow

The International Cultural Centre is based in the Ravens House (“Pod Kruki”) at 25 Main Market Square (Rynek Główny 25), a witness of all the major events that have taken place over the ages right in the heart of Krakow (on the UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1978) - a place whose location fosters reflection on the heritage. From its windows you can see the Renaissance Cloth Hall and the Gothic Town Hall Tower.

The house itself has had a number of functions: an aristocratic palace, Krakow’s social salon, the starost’s office, a bank, the NSDAP headquarters for the General Gouvernment, and, subsequently, a Committee of the Polish Workers Party, a publishing house, a school dance, a bookshop, and since 1991 the home and showcase of the ICC. At the headquarters of the MCC there is a specialized scientific library gathering Polish and foreign literature in the field of cultural heritage. We invite you to one of the meeting rooms of this remarkable facility.